How much does public transport cost on Texel?

  • When paying with credit or an OV-chipkaart, you pay a boarding fee of € 0.90 plus an kilometre fee of € 0.1775 per kilometre travelled.
  • There are also different subscriptions
  • We also sell tickets:
    • Single ride for € 3.00 for a one-way trip
    • Day Pass for € 7.50: valid for 1 person for 1 day
    • Family Pass for € 17.50: valid for 2 adults and maximum of 3 children
    • Week Pass for € 37.50: valid for 1 person for 7 days

How can I pay?

Paying for bus line 28

  • You can buy a ticket from the bus driver with bank or credit card only or at various points of sale where cash payment also an option.
  • With an OV-chipkaart at the start of your bus ride

Paying for the mini-buses (reservation required)

  • You can purchase a ticket at the Connexxion counter at Den Helder Station or at various points of sale on Texel. Please note: you need to reserve the mini bus and cannot just hop on and buy a ticket.
  • With an OV-chipkaart at the start of your bus ride.
  • In the bus with a bank or credit card.
  • You can also pay online when making a reservation via the website or the Texelhopper app. Easy payment with iDeal or credit card.

How can I travel between Den Helder station and the Veerhaven?

Line 33 runs between Den Helder and Veerhaven station. You travel with line 33 from Den Helder Station to Veerhaven? Then pay your trip with your OV-chipkaart or buy a € 1.50 ticket from the driver using bank or credit card or at the Den Helder Desk where it is also possible to pay in cash. The return trip to the Veerhaven - Den Helder station is included, you do not have to pay again.

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy individual tickets:

For how long is a ticket valid?

A single ride € 3.00 ticket is valid for one ride on Texel. When you exit the bus, the ticket is no longer valid. Day and Family Passes are valid the entire day. Week Passes are valid for seven consecutive days.

Can I change buses using my ticket?

Changing buses is not necessary on Texel. Every ride will bring you directly to your desired destination. With a day ticket and a family day ticket you get unlimited travel for one day. With a weekly ticket you get unlimited travel for seven consecutive days.

Is the OV-chipkaart also valid for the mini buses?

Yes, you can pay with OV-chipkaart on the mini buses. You do need to make a reservation at least 30 minutes prior your trip. You must make sure that you have a enough credit or a valid subscription on your OV-chipkaart.

Are there any subscriptions available?

Yes, there is an Overal Reizen monthly subscription available, with which you can get unlimited travel not just on Texel but in the entire Noord-Holland Noord area. For adults this costs € 99.00 a month, for children 12-18 years old € 75.00 a month. You can purchase these in the Connexxion web shop.  

Do children or senior citizens get a discount?

Children aged 3 and younger can travel for free. If you want to travel with a child in this age group you must let us know when making a reservation. Children and senior citizens get age discount when travelling on credit with their OV-chipkaart.

Is my ticket still valid if I miss my bus?

If you plan on travelling with the regular bus line 28, then your ticket will remain valid. You can travel with your ticket on the next bus to come along. If you made a reservation for a mini bus with your ticket, then you have already paid and your ticket is no longer valid. Your ticket will remain valid for the mini buses only if you cancel your reservation at least half an hour before its planned departure.

How do I organise public transport on Texel?

There is no need to make a reservation when travelling on bus line 28. You do need to make a reservation when travelling with Texelhopper mini-buses. You can do this at least 30 minutes before departure via telephone (+31(0)222-784 000, 05:00-22:00 hrs), the Texelhopper app or on

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation ?

When travelling with a mini-bus, you can make a reservation up to 30 minutes before departure.

Reservations can be made with the Texelhopper app, on or by telephone via customer service (+31(0)222-784 000, 05:00-22:00 hrs).


For a trip with bus line 28, you do not need to make a reservation.

Can I reserve more than one trip at a time?

No, you can not reserve multiple trips at the same time. Every ride you have to enter / register again.

At what times can I make a reservations?

Texelhopper operates from 5.30 to 22.00. The buses always connect to the departure of the ferry (also on the intermediate boats).

When travelling with line 28, you do need to make a reservation. View the schedule of this regular service

How do I know where the bus stops of the mini-buses are located?

There are 130 identifiable bus stops on Texel. When making a reservation, you will be informed where the nearest bus stop is located. Every bus stop has a name and number visible on posts at the bus stop.

How do I know when the bus is going to arrive?

When making a reservation per telephone, the app or on the website, you will be told what time the bus will arrive at the bus stop. 

It is important that you are at the bus stop at that time. Like other public transport buses, the Texelhopper mini-buses will not wait for passengers.

Can I travel with a mini-bus when I see that it is not yet full?

No that is impossible. It is always necessary to make a reservation for the mini-buses in advance. If the bus is not full, it does not necessarily mean that a seat is available. It is possible that the bus driver will soon pick-up other passengers who have already reserved a spot.

Can I travel to other destinations besides the harbour?

Yes, you can travel between more than 130 bus stops located all over the island. Line 28 takes you from the ferry harbour to Den Burg Center and De Koog, and vice versa. The mini buses will take you all over the island when line 28 is not an option for your journey.

Do I have to switch buses when travelling to the ferry?

No, you can travel from any bus stop to the ferry without having to switch buses.

Can I get on and off the bus anywhere I want?

You can travel to and from more than 130 bus stops on Texel. Public transport is always nearby.

Is your starting point or destination further than 500 meters - as the crow flies - from a bus stop? Then the Texelhopper will pick you up where you are or bring you to your desired destination.

Can Texelhopper pick me up at home or any other address on the island?

No, Texelhopper is not a door-to-door service. You can travel to and from more than 130 bus stops on Texel. Only when your starting point or destination is further than 500 meters - as the crow flies - from a bus stop, will Texelhopper pick you up from where you are or bring you to your desired destination.

Will the bus make the train connection at Den Helder CS?

Yes, there is a guaranteed connection.

Will I always travel the fastest route?

Your route depends on your starting point and destination, and whether other passengers will be picked-up or dropped-off along the way. We will inform you about the expected pick-up and drop-off times when you make a reservation. You will always pay for the shortest distance, even if another passengers is picked-up along the way.

How much luggage can I bring on board the bus?

You can bring a reasonable amount of luggage. However, it is not possible to take a regular bicycle with you. Folding bicycles are permitted.

May I bring my dog on board?

Dogs may board the bus for free in an easily portable basket, bag or other container that can be put down or placed on your lap. Dogs may also be transported by other means, provided they are kept on a short leash. If the animal needs a seat, its owner must buy an extra ticket. A dog accompanying a disabled passenger can travel for free if the dog is identifiable as a guide dog (in training) or an assistance dog from the Stichting Hulphond Nederland.

Are the buses wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, you can travel in both the large buses and mini buses with a wheelchair. The mini buses are equipped with a wheelchair mounting system to ensure a safe ride. If you are in a wheelchair and want to travel with a mini Texelhopper, you must let us know when making your reservation.

How do I recognise the buses?

All vehicles feature the identifiable Texelhopper logo.

What types of vehicles are used?

Large buses are used on bus service 28. These buses run on green gas. For transportation in other areas, 8-person vans and taxis are used.