How does public transport on Texel work?

Public transport on Texel consists of a bus line that runs at fixed times and small buses that you have to reserve. Bus 28 runs between Veerhaven, Den Burg Centrum and De Koog. The Texelhopper mini buses take you to and from a few hundred pick-up points. These mini buses must be reserved at least 30 minutes in advance.


Unfortunately, we are experiencing some technical problems with the new system at the moment. We hope to solve it as quickly as possible so that we can again offer our passengers the very best service.


You plan the route from A to B via the travel planner on the homepage or via our Texelhopper app. Then you also get the opportunity to reserve a Texelhopper minibus.


You can travel with credit on your OV-chipkaart, with a subscription on your personal OV-chipkaart or with an individual ticket


Please note!

  • Have you already purchased an individual (mobile) ticket and are you going to reserve a ride via the website or app? Then choose the option "Pay on the bus" when making a reservation. You can show your ticket on the bus.
  • It is not possible to buy a ticket with cash on the large bus (line 28). You can only buy a separate ticket from the bus drivers with a debit or credit card. Cash can still be paid with at many of the points of sale on the island.
  • When travelling by mini bus, you must make sure you can pay for the trip: either with an OV-chipkaart containing credit or a subscription, with a bank or credit card, or with an already-purchased individual ticket.
  • If you want to make a reservation for more than eight passengers, are travelling in a wheelchair or with pet, please contact our customer service: +31 (0)222-784000.

Flexible route (small buses, reserve in advance)

Texelhopper_kleine bus_LiselotteSchoo_53GN-2015 (3)_vert.jpg

You must reserve at least 30 minutes before departure via, the Texelhopper app or call +31 (0)222-784 000. Open Mon-Sat from 5:00 to 22:00 and Sun from 06:00 to 22:00.

You can download the Texelhopper App for iPhone (iOS 9 and above) or Android (6.0 and above).

icon-green-2.png Indicate your departure and arrival point.
icon-green-3.png Pay in advance online with iDeal or credit card or on the bus at the start of your trip with bank or credit card, with an OV-chipkaart or with an already-purchased individual ticket

Fixed route (big bus, line 28)

Texelhopper_Grote bus_LiselotteSchoo_53GN_2015 (38).jpg

No reservation required.
Fixed routes, fixed times.



Veerhaven - Den Burg Center - De Koog
De Koog - Den Burg Center - Veerhaven


euro.png Buy a ticket from the driver with bank or credit card, at one of the points of sale where you can also possible with cash or via PweeP. You can also travel with your OV-chipkaart.

Travel to Texel from Den Helder

Line 33 runs between Den Helder and Veerhaven station. Want to travel with line 33 from Den Helder Station to Veerhaven? Then pay for your trip with your OV-chipkaart or buy a € 1.50 ticket from the bus driver with bank or credit card or at the Connexxion Desk nearby CS Den Helder, where you can also pay in cash. The return trip from the Veerhaven to Den Helder station is included, so you do not have to pay again.


The Texelhopper buses are located on your right-hand side as you leave the ferry. Passengers wishing to travel to Den Burg Center or De Koog can travel with the fixed bus line 28. You can reach all other destinations with the Texelhopper mini buses. These mini buses must to be reserved at least 30 minutes in advance.


When travelling on Texel with a mini Texelhopper bus, it is advisable to buy a ticket at the Connexxion Desk in Den Helder, Parallelweg 2. There are no Day, Week or Family Passes for sale in the port area, both in Den Helder and Texel. The bus driver of the big bus on Texel does sell these tickets. However, these tickets are not sold on the mini buses. For a single trip ticket, without transfer, you can always pay on all buses with a bank or credit card or with your OV-chipkaart. In order to travel with the mini buses, you must reserve your ride at least 30 minutes in advance via this website or in the app.